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Medical Records Release

In order to obtain any medical records from the Marlboro First Aid Squad you need to follow the following directions:

  1. Click the following link below and complete this form in its entirety.
  2. Have the form notarized.
  3. Email the notarized pdf document to records@marlboroems.org
  4. All records requests require a $25 check/money order or other monetary arrangement made to Marlboro EMS.

Track Your Medications

Click on the pdf below to download our free medication list template! Keeping a list of your current medications, medical conditions, and allergies helps emergency responders or healthcare professionals to quickly review your medical history in order to best treat you or your loved one. The best place to leave this medication list is on your refrigerator, or in your wallet.

Blue Light Laws

Under New Jersey State Law, drivers of non-emergency vehicles shall yield the right of way to the vehicle of any member of a volunteer fire company, a volunteer first aid squad, or rescue squad displaying emergency warning lights as in the same manner as authorized (marked) emergency vehicles (N.J.S.A. 29:4-92)

What This Means: When approached by a vehicle with a blue or red light…

- You MUST pull over to the side of the road close to the right hand curb.
- Do not block any intersections.
- Do not follow emergency vehicles closer than 300 feet.
- Do not park closer than 200 feet to an emergency vehicle.
- Failure to yield is punishable under NJ State Law as a Moving Violation


For any questions about HIPAA or our Privacy Practices please email privacy@marlboroems.org

Marlboro EMS is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization available to answer 9-1-1 calls in Marlboro 365 days a year.

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